In the Preface of this book I had already mentioned
that in February 1976, I had surgery for cancer in Madras
and thereafter I went to Bangalore and Bombay for rest
and recuperation. It then looked as if I had recovered normal
health. However in February 1977, pain behind the left arm
developed and gradually extended up to the neck. People
said that it might be only some rheumatic pain. I had
however my own doubts.

My sister’s son, Dr. G. R. N. Sastri who was then working
as a senior executive in the Indian Petro-Chemical
Corporation, Baroda, invited me to his place for a change
and so I went there. After about a month, the pain increased
greatly and a lump appeared in the place where I was originally
operated upon. The local doctors declared that it was due to
the Cobalt treatment I had after surgery and it might disappear
after a while; instead it went on increasing and along with it
the pain also. I had therefore no alternative but to return to
Bombay for expert treatment.
In Bombay, cancer specialists were consulted. After
elaborate tests, they declared that the lump was cancerous
in nature, that further surgery could not be thought of and
that the only hope lay in Cobalt treatment, though success
was very doubtful. Cobalt treatment was immediately given
and as that too was found of little use, it was stopped. The
case was given up by all allopathic doctors as hopeless and
beyond any cure. In the meantime, there was excruciating
pain despite taking sedatives. That was during the month
of May 1977.
As there was no hope of cure by medication, I prayed
to Bhagavan day and night to give me the strength to bear
the pain stoically, I also wrote some appealing verses. Prayer
and meditation were my only refuge. My strength gradually
decreased and I became almost bedridden. As suitable
arrangements for nursing me at Bombay could not be made,
my nephew, G. R. Sarma, decided to take me to Bangalore
by air and actually bought the ticket for me.
It was at that juncture, Ashram President Sri T. N.
Venkataraman and his wife who happened to come to Bombay
to see their son who was working there, called on me along
with Sri R. Venkataraman and his wife at about 3 p.m. on
14th May, 1977. Sri R. Venkataraman is the Controller of

Defence Accounts in Bombay and a great devotee of Bhagavan.
He practises homeopathy as a hobby. They were all very much
grieved at the great suffering and agony I was experiencing.
I formally handed over to the President the paper containing
my prayers to Bhagavan for relief of my pain. Seeing the sad
situation, ri R. Venkataraman took my son-in-law, Sri S. R.
Avadhani, aside and enquired if he could try homeopathic
treatment. As allopathic doctors had already given up the case
as hopeless, we were ourselves thinking of trying homeopathy
and so the offer appeared to us providential. We readily
consented to it. It appeared to us as if Bhagavan himself had
sent Venkataraman, one of his devotees, specially for the
purpose of treating me. Venkataraman prepared the medicine
that night itself and, as his house was very near ours, came to
us the next morning and started his treatment. That was on
Sunday, the 15th May 1977.
From that day onwards, he came once or twice a day and
tried one medicine after another. The pain increased
considerably in the initial stages and the lump burst open. Taking
it as a favourable indication, he continued his treatment until,
with Bhagavan’s grace, the pain began to decrease gradually.
Meanwhile a Parsi devotee came to me and told me incidentally
that his wife died of cancer but that there was a Tibetan doctor
whose medicine was reported to be particularly effective in
cancer cases. That medicine could not however be used in his
wife’s case as her ailment was by then too far advanced. He said
that there was a special representative of that Tibetan doctor in
Bombay and that he would bring him to my place. Two days
later, P. V. Somasundaram, Arunachala Bhakta Bhagavata from
New York and another devotee from Canada came to see me.
At the same time the representative of the Tibetan doctor also
came. The latter examined me and said that his master did not
treat patients without seeing them personally, that he was at

the time in Tibet and that I should go over there or arrange for
his coming to Bombay. I exclaimed, “Oh! Going to Tibet! I am
getting ready to go on a Kailasa yatra and am waiting for the
final call of Ishwara. I am satisfied with the present treatment
by a devotee of Bhagavan.”
Two or three days later, the devotee from Canada,
Somasundaram and some other devotees came and though I
was suffering acute pain insisted on my reading something
which they recorded for their use in Canada. By the 10th of
June there was such relief from pain that I gained enough
strength to go out for a walk. When I told Venkataraman that
I was getting ready for a Kailasa yatra and he had upset all my
plans, he coolly said that as his medicine had worked, he was
sending me instead on an Arunachala yatra. I do not know
whether it was due to his great devotion to Bhagavan or it
was due to Bhagavan’s grace working through him, the lump
became smaller and smaller and the pain gradually decreased.
I gained strength from day to day and began to move about
freely as of old. Devotees in Bombay who had seen me earlier
were emphatically of the opinion that the cure was nothing
short of a miracle. And the eminent doctors of Bombay who
had examined me earlier could hardly believe it.
I remained in Bombay till September 1977 when in the
company of my relatives I went to Vijayawada, stayed there for
about two months, vacated my house “Ramana Sadanam” and
came away to Madras. It so happened that Sri R. Venkataraman
had by then been transferred to Madras and so I took all the
required medicines from him, showed the manuscripts of these
Smrutulu to my brother, D.S. Sastri, and reached Arunachalam
on the night of 27th November, 1977. Early next morning,
I went to the Ashram and prostrated before Bhagavan’s samadhi.
It was indeed miraculous that one who was getting ready for a
Kailasa yatra should have come to Arunachala yatra and could

once again prostrate before Bhagavan’s samadhi. Destiny
appeared to have played a great part, and I am having the
good fortune of staying in the Ashram once again and writing
my reminiscences at the bidding of the Ashram authorities.
The manuscript I had written has been fair-copied by
one of the devotees and got ready for printing. On this
auspicious day of Makara Sankranthi, I placed the
manuscripts, as my humble offering, at the lotus feet of
Sri Ramana Bhagavan.

Sri Ramanasramam

Suri Nagamma