Bhagavan’s Jayanti (birthday) is always an important
annual event. The day previous to the celebrations, stotras in
praise of Bhagavan are read in the Hall and in the night there
is feasting. While most of the devotees come in the morning
of the Jayanti day and leave the same evening, some of the
older devotees come a day earlier and leave a day after, so
that they may spend a longer time with Bhagavan. Thus, for
three days at a stretch, there used to be unusual bustle and
Once the Jayanti fell during the December holidays. So
Gurram Subbaramayya, Krishna Bhikshu and others employed
in service came four or five days in advance. I thought I could
spend time usefully with all of them discussing Bhagavan, but as
ill-luck would have it, I had my period in the early morning of
the day previous to the Jayanti day. I was very much upset and
sat in the verandah of my house brooding over my misfortune.
As I did not turn up at the Ashram at the usual hour,
Subbaramayya came to my place to find out the reason. When I
explained my predicament, he said a few words of consolation
and then went back. On seeing him Bhagavan asked him, “What
is the matter? Why has Nagamma not come?” After mentioning

the cause of my absence, Subbaramayya stated that I was very
much disappointed and depressed. “Why? Why should she be
sorry? She can sit and meditate,” said Bhagavan. Subbaramayya
came to me after lunch and told me about Bhagavan’s
observations. From that day onwards I got confirmed in the view
that there is no need to refrain from the practice of meditation
under such circumstances and what is really important is to get
rid of the impurities of the mind. The same holds good for writing
work also. What Bhagavan said was indeed an injunction coupled
with his grace and kindness.