Talk 595.
16th December, 1938
The two lady visitors returned in the morning and the younger one asked:
“Is the experience of the Highest State the same to all? Or is there
any difference?”
M.: The Highest State is the same and the experience is also the same.
D.: But I find some difference in the interpretations put on the Highest
M.: The interpretations are made with the mind. The minds are
different and so the interpretations are different.
D.: I mean to ask if the seers express themselves differently?
M.: The expressions may differ according to the nature of the seekers.
They are meant to guide the seekers.
One seer speaks in the terms of Christianity, another in those of Islam,
a third of Buddhism, etc. Is that due to their upbringing?
M.: Whatever may be their upbringing, their experience is the same.
But the modes of expression differ according to circumstances.