Talk 648.
17th March, 1939
Sri Bhagavan said that Tatva Rayar was the first to pour forth
Advaita philosophy in Tamil.
He had said that the Earth was his bed, his hands were his plates
for taking food, the loin cloth was his clothing and thus there was
no want for him.
In Maharaja Turavu (the renunciation of the king) he says: He was
seated on the bare ground, the earth was his seat, the mind was the
chamara; the sky was the canopy; and renunciation was his spouse:
Then Sri Bhagavan continued: I had no cloth spread on the floor in
earlier days. I used to sit on the floor and lie on the ground. That
is freedom. The sofa is a bondage. It is a gaol for me. I am not
allowed to sit where and how I please. Is it not bondage?
One must be free to do as one pleases, and should not be served
by others.
‘No want’ is the greatest bliss. It can be realised only by experience.
Even an emperor is no match for a man with no want. The emperor
has got vassals under him. But the other man is not aware of anyone
beside the Self. Which is better?