282 – Talk 282.
Talk 282.
16th November, 1936
D.: Does the Tantrik sadhana bring about Self-Realisation?
M.: Yes.
D.: Which worship in Tantra is the best?
M.: It depends on temperament.
D.: What part does Kundalini play in bringing about Self-Realisation?
M.: Kundalini rises from any lakshya that you have. Kundalini is
prana-sakti (life-current).
D.: Different deities are said to reside in different chakras. Does one
see them in course of sadhana?

M.: They can be seen if desired.
D.: Does the path to Self-Realisation go through samadhi?
M.: They are synonymous.
D.: It is said that the Guru can make his disciple realise the Self by
transmitting some of his own power to him? Is it true?
M.: Yes. The Guru does not bring about Self-Realisation. He simply
removes the obstacles to it. The Self is always realised.
D.: Is there absolute necessity of a Guru for Self-Realisation?
M.: So long as you seek Self-Realisation the Guru is necessary.
Guru is the Self. Take Guru to be the Real Self and your self as
the individual self.
The disappearance of this sense of duality is removal of ignorance.
So long as duality persists in you the Guru is necessary. Because
you identify yourself with the body you think the Guru, too, to be
some body. You are not the body, nor is the Guru. You are the Self
and so is the Guru.
This knowledge is gained by what you call Self-Realisation.
D.: How can one know whether a particular individual is competent
to be a Guru?
M.: By the peace of mind found in his presence and by the sense of
respect you feel for him.
D.: If the Guru happens to turn out incompetent, what will be the fate
of the disciple who has implicit faith in him?
M.: Each one according to his merits.
D.: What are your opinions about social reform?
M.: Self-reform automatically brings about social reform. Confine
yourself to self-reform. Social reform will take care of itself.
D.: What is your opinion about Gandhiji’s Harijan movement?
M.: Ask him.
D.: Is it necessary to take bath if we touch dead bodies?
M.: The body is a corpse. So long as one is in contact with it one must
bathe in the waters of the Self.
D.: If the advaita is final, why did Madhvacharya teach dvaita?

M.: Is your Self dvaita or advaita? All systems agree on Self-surrender.
Attain it first, then there will be time to judge whose
view is right or otherwise.
D.: Why do you not preach to the people to set them on the right
M.: You have already decided by yourself that I do not preach. Do
you know who I am and what preaching is?
D.: Is the shaving of widows among Brahmins not cruel?
M.: This may be asked of Dharma Sastris or reformers. Reform
yourself first and let us then see about the rest.